If you have pending drug charges, you should consult an experienced Drug Defense Lawyer as soon as possible in Valley City ND.

There are varying degrees of drug crimes which carry corresponding punishments. Minor possession charges often have minor penalties, while major trafficking charges can result in decades of prison time. Federal drug charges carry mandatory minimum sentences that give the defendant no chance of parole.

Understand Your Legal Rights in Valley City, North Dakota

Drug sentences change dramatically in severity with location, so it's crucial that your criminal defense Attorney is familiar with the local criminal courts. Some courts offer drug diversion programs that allow first time offenders to seek drug treatment in lieu of jail or prison time. Your Valley City Drug Defense Lawyer is key because they know the applicable local laws in ND, and will be able to recommend the best course of action depending on your circumstances.

Get the Advice of a Valley City Drug Defense Attorney ASAP

Your future can be dramatically affected by a drug charge. If the charge is placed on your permanent record, it could prevent you from getting certain jobs, loans, or even a professional license. By talking to a qualified Valley City, North Dakota Drug Defense Attorney today to ensure the best possible outcome for your case.