If you have been charged with a drug crime, you should seek the assistance of an experienced Drug Defense Attorney in Fitzgerald GA.

Drug crimes often carry mandatory minimum sentences if you are convicted of the crime. Such required sentences may mean that even a small possession charge may result in jail time.

You have rights in Fitzgerald, Georgia

Most drug laws are federal, but different states also are allowed to craft their own drug laws. In some places, drug charges can be pled down and even taken off your permanent record if you complete an alternative treatment. Other places often impose harsh fines and prison for even minor offenses. Having a Fitzgerald Drug Defense Lawyer should be familiar with drug laws in GA, so that they can properly advise you in your specific case.

Get the Assistance of a Fitzgerald Drug Defense Attorney ASAP

A conviction for drug possession might have far-reaching consequences for your job, education, or even family life. Consult a competent Fitzgerald, Georgia Drug Defense Lawyer now to ensure you don't further jeopardize your future.