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If you are facing criminal prosecution in Garland, you should contact a criminal defense lawyer that has experience with your type of case in Garland, TX.

Within Texas there are sometimes variations between the procedural rules that apply in different courts. In addition, each local prosecutor might have a different agenda which would lead to that office prosecuting certain crimes more vigorously than other types of crimes. All of this could impact how you are prosecuted, and what chances you have of making a plea bargain.

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Garland It is always best to contact a criminal defense lawyer sooner rather than later. Often times, the faster you can discuss your case with an attorney, the more protections you can get. Fighting the government by yourself is never wise.

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Getting a defense lawyer that is experienced with your charges is extremely important. There are many aspects to every case that must be considered. Perhaps you were arrested a few days before your 18th birthday, does this mean you will be charged as an adult or a minor? How many "strikes" do you have on your record? These issues will play a significant role in how your defense plays out. When you use LegalMatch, you can be assured that you can find the right criminal defense lawyer in Garland, Texas for free.

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Life in Garland

Garland is located northeast of Dallas, Texas.  It is located in Dallas County, with some areas in Collin County.  Per the 2010 census, it has a population of 226,876 people. 

Interestingly, CNN and Money Magazine included Garland in its "Top 100 Places to Live" list, ranking it sixty-seven. 

Top employers include Sears, Atlas Copco, Raytheon Intelligence and Information Systems, Danaher, General Dynamics, Kraft Foods, L-3 Communications and US Foodservice.  The legal industry also has a potent presence because many well-experienced attorneys call Garland home.  Thus, businesses and residents need not travel far to receive excellent legal services.

Some great sites to check out is the Historic Downtown Garland, Patty Granville Arts Center, The Plaza Theater, Pace House and The Garland Opry.

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