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Criminal Defense in New Mexico is handled by both Public Defenders and Private Criminal Defense Lawyers in New Mexico. The type you choose depends on your income and the assests (money) you have.

If you do not have the money to afford a Private Criminal Defense Attorney, a Public Defender will be assigned to you by the court. If you can afford a private attorney, most courts will require you to retain private counsel, or pay the government for your assigned lawyer according to what you can manage. Keep in mind that switching lawyers in the middle of a case is extremely difficult, so choose carefully who your lawyer will be in New Mexico the first time.

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New Mexico is situated in the Southwestern region of the U.S. It is often considered the prime example of Southwestern life and culture in America. Before becoming part of the U.S., the New Mexico region was once part of the Imperial Viceroyalty of Spain. This is reflected in the red and gold colors of the state flag, which reference the region's Spanish origins.

New Mexico's state Constitution was approved in 1912 and authorizes the form of government in the state. The New Mexico court system is organized into different levels beginning with the Municipal Courts and ending with the Supreme Court of New Mexico. New Mexico has also instituted a one-of-a-kind "Problem-Solving Court" system, which is authorized to provide special interventions for drug offenders.

The state of New Mexico has also launched a Court Improvement Project (CIP). The CIP is aimed at improving the quality and efficiency of judiciary proceedings in New Mexico. One of the state's most famous court cases is Liebeck v. McDonald's (1994), popularly known as "The McDonald's hot coffee case". The case spawned a whole host of liability claims for fast-food chains, and was featured in a television documentary film.

Lawyers in New Mexico handle many types of cases ranging from simple legal claims to complex claims like the Liebeck case. New Mexico lawyers are skilled at providing legal advice and zealously represent clients during lawsuits. Working with a New Mexico lawyer can help make the legal process run much smoother.

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