When charged with a drug crime, contact a drug defense attorney should be the first step you take. If you wait to find a lawyer, then you can lose important evidence and witnesses.

Severity of Punishments in Kearney, NE

Drug-related crimes vary in severity of punishment, depending on the nature of the crime. Therefore, minor drug possession charges results in minor penalties and major drug trafficking charges lead to a longer jail term, and larger fines.

Some jurisdictions enforce harsher penalties, including minors. Other places may offer treatment inside a prison for first-time offenders.

On the other hand, a federal drug charge is stiffer as it usually carries a mandatory minimum sentence, which denies a defendant a chance of an early parole. It can also be said that the severity of a drug charge may also depend where the defendants were arrested (i.e. a school).

Penalties can be harsh and they are based on your charges, like trafficking, distribution, or even possession of marijuana, heroin, or prescription drugs. The amount you have at the time of your arrest also plays a huge role in the determining the severity of your penalty.

Another consideration is the Schedules the drugs belong to. These Schedules range from Schedule V up to the dangerous ones in Schedule l which includes cocaine and methamphetamines.

So, if you are charged with a drug crime in Kearney, NE, then make sure you get legal help from a drug defense attorney near you.

Discover Your Legal Rights in Kearney, Nebraska

If the police violates your constitutional rights with an illegal search and seizure, entrapment, or fail to read your Miranda rights, then you have the right to have your charges dismissed.

Being caught possessing illegal drugs does not always mean you are intended to sell them. But, many laws will charge possession with intent to sell if you were possessing a large amount.

You could also be charged with a possession without knowing the stash even existed. It could be that you may have been sharing your home with a drug dealer without an any idea of what he does for a living.

These are just some examples of defenses that the right Kearney drug defense lawyer can use in your favor. An experienced attorney can always determine what happened during your arrest so they can build a solid defense for your case. Telling your lawyer all the facts before you are arrested with a drug charge lets them provide you with options for your defense.

Get the Help of a Kearney Drug Defense Attorney ASAP

Finding a drug attorney that knows Nebraska drug laws should be your first concern. They should know how to draft an excellent defense strategy and know how to assess which ones are effective for your type of case.

Consult with a LegalMatch drug defense attorney in Kearney, NE as soon as possible to avoid leaving a charge on your record that might affect your future employment or loan applications.