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Did you know your conviction or arrest in Pinetop Lakeside, Arizona can be expunged in some circumstances? If you are able to expunge an arrest or conviction from your record, you can then legally tell employers that you have not been convicted of a crime.

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Expungement usually involves a request for the original court documents for your case, an examination of the record, and lastly filing the appropriate papers with the courts in Pinetop Lakeside, AZ.

Not all convictions are expungeable, and some convictions are automatically sealed after a particular number of years have passed without re-offending. Expungement can sometimes be complicated depending on your history or where your conviction occurred.

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Getting a court to order your record to be expunged can be a time consuming process. To make sure it gets done properly the first time, you should consult an attorney in Pinetop Lakeside to avoid any possible problems. Like any legal proceeding, the expungement process can take time and money to resolve, and any mistake can be costly. Consulting an expungement attorney in Pinetop Lakeside to make sure that your previous offense doesn?t affect your life forever.

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