If you have been charged with a drug crime, you should seek the advice of an experienced Drug Defense Lawyer in Fayette AL.

There are varying degrees of drug crimes which carry corresponding punishments. Minor possession charges generally have minor penalties, while major trafficking charges can result in decades of prison time. Federal drug charges carry mandatory minimum sentences that give the defendant no chance of parole.

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The laws that apply to Drug charges vary from state to state, as do the punishments that are associated with those crimes. Several places offer first time offenders treatment in the place of prison. Conversely, other jurisdictions impose harsh penalties for even minor offenses. The right Fayette Drug Defense Attorney should be familiar with drug laws in AL, so that they can properly advise you in your particular case.

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A drug charge on your record can affect future job prospects, student loan applications, even your chances of earning a professional license. You should talk to a reputable Fayette, Alabama Drug Defense Lawyer today to ensure the best possible result for your case.