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Did you know your conviction or arrest in Center Point, Alabama can be expunged in some circumstances? If you are able to expunge an arrest or conviction from your record, you can then legally tell employers that you have not been convicted of a crime.

Center Point Expungement Procedures

Expungement usually involves a request for the original court documents for your case, an examination of the record, and lastly filing the appropriate papers with the courts in Center Point, AL.

However, not every state allows expungment, nor is every crime capable of being expunged. This process can be complicated depending upon your past history with law enforcement and prior convictions.

Center Point Attorneys Can Help You Expunge Your Record Without Undue Delay

Expunging a criminal record has long term effects, so you should seek guidance from an accomplished expungement lawyer in Center Point to avoid any possible problems. Like any legal proceeding, the expungement process can take time and money to resolve, and any mistake can be costly. Consulting an expungement attorney in Center Point to make sure that your record is cleared efficiently.

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